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Physical Education 
Distance Learning Information


Check on Physical Education Eboard

Elementary Education Eboard



Check on Physical Education Eboard

Pulaski Physical Education Eboard


Middle School:

Check on Physical Education Eboard

Middle School Physical Education Eboard


High School:


All on Google classroom

Krupski A-Day: lawvw6w

Krupski B-Day: vgghub7

Braune  A-Day: hn4whmt

Braune B-Day: zql6bsq

Dounelis A-Day: q7an4px

Dounelis B-Day: jkwxj3f

Gevinski A-Day: 7xd3rkf

Gevinski B-Day: 6jmzxp5

Rella A-Day: rfauzda

Rella B-Day: tkgteek

Marelli 1A/1B: rrch6mk

Shay Core Based Fitness: kf5lx2k

Physical Education 
Extra Resources

Fitness Resources for Kids


Go Noodle

Interactive videos (& some instructional) for kids

Fitness Blender 

At-home workout programs and videos

20 Best Dance Workout Videos

Collection of various dance-style workouts

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga adventures and stories


One page fitness circuits

15 Fitness Games

Easy, low tech games for around the house

Fitness Games from the American Council on Exercise

Indoor or outdoor games for family fun

16 Mind Blowing Exercise Games

Great ways to get moving around the house for 1 or  several kids

Kid Activities- Fun Games

PE, playground, and home ideas to get moving


Random exercise generator

HIIT Brain Boosters

Themed HIIT workouts (Avengers, Harry Potter, Star Wars)



Adult Workouts


Fitness Blender 

Workouts, programs, and healthy living tips

20 Best Dance Workout Videos

Collection of various dance-style workouts

Yoga with Adriene

Beginner to advanced yoga videos

Jessica Smith TV

Youtube channel with at home workouts and motivation

Body Project

HIIT and bodyweight home workouts


Information for Parents


Recess at Home

Goals for recess at home

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Physical activity guidelines for children and adults

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